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Past projects

1. DURUS Humanoid

The objective here was to realize human-like walking behavior in the humanoid robot DURUS. DURUS is a 23-DOF robot with 15 actuators.


The goal in this project was to realize dynamically stable running with the planar bipedal robot DURUS-2D. DURUS-2D is a 11-DOF robot with 4 actuators. The running realized in the robot consists of a stance phase, and a flight phase alternating between each other. Input-to-state stabilizing controllers were realized to overcome the phase based disturbances.

3. AMBER Series

AMBER is a 5-DOF robot and has 4 actuators. AMBER used a simple linear control adaptation for tracking trajectories in each joint with the end result being stable walking on the treadmill.

AMBER2 is a 7-DOF robot with 6 actuators. This robot is unique due to the presence of feet, allowing for multi-contact locomotion with distinct heel and toe behaviors. Various motion primitives like flat-footed walking, multi-contact walking, standing, lunges, heel-lifts, toe-lifts, swinging, and also bending of knees are demonstrated in the form of dancing below:

4. Loop finder

This was my undergraduate project worked in collaboration with Ravi Lanka, in which the robot scans a set of loops and locates the smallest one in the end.